4 Questions to Ask When Adding a Level to Your Home

home construction

Adding a level to your home is a big project, but it has the potential to double your square footage and make your home even more beautiful. Are you ready to start your home renovation? Before you begin, make sure you ask yourself (and your contractor) these important questions:

Can my house support a second level?

Before you dive into your home renovation project, you need to figure out if your home can even support a second level or not. Depending on the soil composition or design, adding a level to your home might not be an easy task. You might need some structural work, which may be costly.

What kind of rooms are you adding?

Start with a little research and think about the spaces that would make your life more convenient and comfortable. Do you need another bedroom and bathroom? What about a media room? You can also speak with a real estate agent about the types of rooms that will make your house attractive if you put it on the market. 

What will an additional level cost?

Having and sticking to a budget is very important when working on such a large home renovation project. You should work with a company that can give you a realistic quote, and be sure to ask about foreseeable issues and how it could affect the price. The overall cost relies on many different factors including what is needed to make your home strong enough to support another level.

Where will I live during construction?

Depending on the project, you might be able to stay in your home throughout the additions, but many homeowners choose to live elsewhere during construction. You should create a plan before you get too deep into the process too. Some people choose to stay with family while others opt for a temporary rental or hotel if the project doesn’t take too long to complete. 

Adding a level to your existing home in New Jersey is the best way to maximize your space and your home’s potential. Contact the professional remodeling contractors at GTFM Design Build for a complimentary in-home design consultation today!