Last Minute Home Maintenance Tips for Your NJ Home


With Winter almost here, now is a great time to get in any last minute home improvement projects before it becomes too cold. As you prepare for the months ahead, make sure you follow these useful tips.

Planting bulbs for Spring

Flowers like Tulips and Daffodils should be planted during the fall months in order for them to be ready to bloom in the spring. You won’t have to water the bulbs continually, but you should remember where you planted them so you can care for them come Spring.

Cleaning upholstery

Dust and dirt can get trapped in fabric furniture like couches, chairs, and ottomans. Give your interior and exterior furniture a good clean. It can help improve your indoor air quality and make your items appear like new again.

Cleaning siding

Dust and dirt can also get built up on your siding after particularly bad storms and strong winds. Depending on the type of siding you have, a pressure washer can clean it, or you can call a professional team to get the job done right.

Servicing lawn equipment

With cooler weather on the way, you probably only have a couple of months of mowing your lawn before it gets too cold. Before you store it away until next year, be sure to clean and repair any damages your lawn equipment might have sustained over the year.

Repairing roofs

You should never delay repair if you notice any damage to your roof. Roofing issues can often turn into bigger problems in the future if they are not fixed. While you may want to repair it yourself, it’s always a safer option to call roofing experts.

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