Chaitan Narsule, Belleville, NJ

Chaitan Narsule

Thanks for checking in! My wife, kids, and I came to NJ last night to visit my parents and stayed the night (now that we have operational bedrooms and two spectacular bathrooms!). (See pic attached.)

My parents are speechless! In their 42 years of owning it, it’s never looked so good! (They even cried when they first saw it!)

Moreover, my extended family who has visited my parents over the past 40 years are stunned, not only at the quality of the workmanship but how it all came together on time! It’s now a much more bright and welcoming place. No more cracks in the walls or leaks from the ceiling, and no more embarrassment.

We have a few small things pending (a piece for the two-zone system, some fixtures, fastening baluster caps, etc.) but, all in all, it’s amazing!

I’m grateful to have connected with you and Rick, Ricky, and the rest of the team. GTFM did an amazing job!

Moreover, I’m especially grateful to you. When we met in July 2021, you may remember that I had gotten estimates from two others that I wasn’t too comfortable with. But, you put me at ease, made the design and development process a smooth one, and got me set up with production. Thank you!

I hope you are well! If there is anything I can ever do for you, please let me know.

Chaitan Narsule