The Best Insulation Options for Your NJ Home

home insulation

In today’s market, homeowners rightfully expect great energy efficiency from their homes, to keep it cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and to keep their utility bills low. The first step is to pay attention to the type of insulation used during construction.

Whether you’re looking to add a level or a room to your house, GTFM is here to make your life a little easier during the process. Here’s a guide to the best insulation options for your New Jersey home:

New Jersey requirements

You should always start with the building code for your home. These help determine the minimum standards you’ll need to follow. Throughout the state, there are different zones with different specifications of R-value for insulation (the measure of how much heat insulation keeps inside or outside). So it’s important that you and your contractor understand what is expected in your home’s zone.

Common insulation options

  • Loose-fill — This type of insulation is poured into wall cavities and can be made of cellulose or fibreglass.
  • Blown-in — Blown-in insulation can be more tightly packed, but the ceiling and wall cavities must be connected in order for the blow-in to reach both spaces.
  • Spray foam — This kind is sprayed into place, where it expands to fill any small areas. It’s great for homes with unusual shapes.
  • Batts and rolls — This type of insulation is like sheets of fiberglass that can be rolled out. Batts and rolls are time-consuming to install, and their seams can cause problems, but it’s also an affordable option.

Want to know more about what other insulation options you might have? The team at GTFM Design & Build can walk you through all of the available options. You can find out more on our contact page and book your complimentary in-home consultation. Get started with GTFM today!