Top 5 Features You Need In Your Media Room

Media Room

A media room is a multipurpose space meant for more than just watching movies. This room can be used for board game nights, Sunday sports days, and even quiet afternoons curled up with a book. Here are 5 must-have features for you media room:

A perfectly-sized TV screen

While bigger may seem better at first, the key is to find a television size that’s optimal for your viewing distance. You can also mount your TV to the wall instead of using a stand to give yourself some extra viewing distance.

A wet bar and mini fridge

A wet bar and friends comes especially handy for casual entertaining! Whether you have friends and family over to watch the big game on the weekend or just want to hang out, you won’t need to run to the kitchen to grab a drink.

A comfy couch

A couch with plenty of room to lounge is another must-have feature in your media room. With a plush couch, you’ll be able to binge watch your favorite shows or a doze for afternoon nap. You may never want to get up!

A reading nook

Not all entertainment comes from a screen. A reading nook might make you forget that your TV is even there! A reading nook can also offer flexible seating options for when you have guests over.

A sleek console

Since seeing video game systems, cable boxes, and random remotes won’t offer that relaxing vibe, it’s better to hide the unsightly wires and devices with a media console that has cabinet doors. This is also the perfect spot for a sound bar! 

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